The results listed below include USFS competitions only.  Prior
to 2016 Alexandria competed in ISI competitions, which are not
included on this page.
On Saturday, December fourth, I was in Skaneateles at a competition. I got first
place, I was so happy. All five judges put me in first place. I landed everything
except I stepped out on my double flip. Erika and I made up a handshake before I
went out on the ice. I used to get nervous, but now I don't even get nervous, I
just concentrate on each thing at a time. My mom, mama, dad, Linda, sister
Leanne, Aunt Cathy, and my stepmothers friend Sue came to watch me skate. I
was so proud of myself. Once again my presentation was just beautiful.
 Today was an exciting day because I landed all of my doubles except for my
double axle. Erika said that I just had to put my left arm in front more. So when I
went back out to try another one, I landed it. She said to put my left arm more in
front for my double lutz and double toe loop. I landed both of those jumps. I was
so happy and couldn't wait to tell my mom. Since I did so good at my last
competition, I am moving up to Juvenile. I basically have 11 months to just
improve my doubles and land my double-double combinations. My spins are also
very good. I am trying to make stuff up for my new program. Even though I am
keeping the same music, I want to change some things. Michela is going to add
20 seconds of music to my current program. I can't wait to go to Lake Placid this
weekend because I haven't been there in a long time.  I really think Gilberto and
Michela will be proud of my advancement.

Today was such an exciting day. It was the Pioneer Valley Penguin Invitational.
I did really good and was very proud of myself. It was my first time doing
Pre-Juvenile and I got second out of seven.  Originally there were twelve people
in my group but five people scratched.  My mom, mama (grandmother), our
friend Martha, my Aunt Mary,  Cousin Logan,  Cousin Stephanie, my dad, sister
Leanne, and my stepmother Linda came to watch me skate. They all said I did
very good. My mom told me it was just about the best she has ever seen me skate.
She also said that I had this fire in me and I had very good presentation. My
coach Erika came with us also. It was my first competition with Erika. I just had
so much fun out there. Erika said that my double loop was just so big and high.
My mom, mama, and Martha were crying because they were so proud of me.
Tomorrow I have to test my Pre-Juvenile moves and my Pre-Juvenile Freestyle
test up in Saratoga.  I am so busy. Pretty soon, maybe this coming Friday, my
mom, Erika, and I are going to the Lee outlets in Mass. to get me a Coach
wristlet. I can't wait to get that.

 I passed my Swing dance, Cha-Cha, and Fiesta Tango Dances today. I am so
happy that I passed them!!! Now I will go on to Bronze dances. On Thursday
November 3, I met with Neil Ruben. I did really good too. I didn't even break out
of my double flip, but I also didn't land it. It is better to fall than break out of a
jump. My double loops were very strong. I tried a double loop double loop
combination, it was okay, for my first try. When I went into the double toe loop,
I was going into it the wrong way. Neil fixed it though.  I am happy with this
weeks progress.     

Yesterday I landed my double flip , I was so happy!!!!!!! My double lutz was even
closer then the usual. Last  night I went trick or treating with two of my best
friends, Meghan and Bria. Happy birthday Bria!!! It was so much fun. I went as a
figure skater. It was kind of like my first time going with friends.
 Anyhow, back to my skating.  About two of my double flips were cheated, but
the rest were really good. I knew that I was going to land them because on
Sunday I was hardly even putting my other foot down.  Bye!!   

oday was such an exciting day!!! I was on channel 13 at 5:30. The camera people
came at 1:00pm.  It was so cool watching myself on TV. I was kind of nervous,
but not really. I felt just like a star!!! At school, they have announcements to the
whole school, and they said that I was going to be on channel 13 at 5:30 p.m.
Thank you for watching me!
Again thank you to Aunt Nancy and Aunt Pam for sending the letter to Ms.
Houston. I would have never been able to really have my chance to really shine
like a star.

Thank you again to Aunt Nancy and Aunt Pam for the check. It meant so much
to me.
Today I learned a new sequence, it's the axle-half loop-double loop. Erika put
that in my program instead of the axle-half loop-double salchow. It is pretty good
for just learning it. My attitude today was very positive. My spins looked good
today. My Bielman is so close and I hope I get it soon because that will be a very
good spin to have. My double flip and double lutz are very close, I just have to
check my left foot out. Bye for now.

Yesterday, my mom and I were runners for Intermediate Men and Juvenile Girls
at the 2006 North Atlantic's. It was so much fun! Last night I slept over at
Gilberto and Michela's house so I wouldn't have to ride back and forth. I skated 2
and 1/2 hours today and while it was not my best practice I did learn a lot and
will work even harder tomorrow.
Thank you to those who have signed my guest book. I hope you have enjoyed my