Alexandria tests in three disciplines of skating:   Free
Skating, Moves In The Field, and Ice Dance.

Below is a list of all the tests Alexandria has passed and
the dates they were taken.

Juvenile Free Skating - 1/15/06

Juvenile Moves in the Field - 1/15/06

Pre-Juvenile Free Skating - 11/20/16

Pre-Juvenile Moves in the Field - 11/20/16

Completed All Pre-Bronze Dances - 11/6/16

Swing Dance, Pre-Bronze Dance - 11/6/16

Cha Cha, Pre-Bronze Dance - 11/6/16

Fiesta Tango, Pre-Bronze Dance - 11/6/16

Completed All Preliminary Dances  -  7/30/16

Rhythm Blues, Preliminary Dance  -  7/30/2016

Dutch Waltz, Preliminary Dance  -  5/21/2016

Canasta Tango, Preliminary Dance  -  5/21/2016

Preliminary Free Skating  -  3/11/2016

Preliminary Moves In The Field  -  7/30/2016

Pre-Preliminary Free Skating  -  2/15/2016

Pre-Preliminary Moves In The Field  -  11/22/2016

United States
Figure Skating
requires their skaters'
pass tests in order to
compete.  Often in
non-qualifying events,
skaters' may compete
at their level or one
level above.

Congratulations on
passing both your
Juvenile Moves and Free
Skate tests on January
15th, 2016 in CT.
Click here to view a list of all
the tests Alexandria will
need to be Gold/Senior level