12/8/16     Today the Capital Communications Federal Credit Union started the "A SKATER'S
DREAM FUND" to help with the enormous costs associated with my skating.  Please see my
SPONSORSHIP page to see how you can help "A SKATER'S DREAM".  Thank you!  

12/7/16     Today Alex landed her double salchow, double loop, double toe-loop, double flip and
double lutz.  The last three have been so close and today she did it.  This is a happy day.  We know
she will do great.

12/6/16     Another exciting weekend!  Alexandria placed 1st out of the 7 skaters in her pre-juvenile
group at Skaneateles.  Alex received 1st place across the boards from all five judges.  Yippy!  

12/3/16     We just arrived home from Alexandria's Skaneateles competition were she placed 1st.  We
are so proud once again.  Alexandria's Mom, Mama, Dad, Stepmother-Linda, sister Leanne, Aunt
Kathy, and a family friend, Sue, all came to watch.  Of course Erika put Alex on the ice.  Her
attitude, presentation, jumps and spins were all beautiful.  Yeah for Alexandria.  I think she is
reaping the benefits of her hard work.  Because of Alexandria's success at the Pre-Juvenile level,
she will be moving up to Juvenile.  While it may take her a while to excel by moving so quickly, we
know the wait will be worth in.  Alexandria will next test in January and compete in February.  Once
we have the exact date of the competition we will post it on the website.

11/20/16     Alexandria just passed both her Pre-Juvenile tests.  We are so happy for her.  She was
complimented by many of the judges, which is always nice to hear.  Now it is time to excel at
Skaneateles.  Also, on Friday, Alex started working on her Willow Waltz with Charles.  She thinks
she will be ready to test two of her Bronze Dance tests come January.  We will keep you posted.

11/19/16     Today Alex placed second at the Pioneer Valley Penguin Competition in Springfield,
MA.  This was her first time competing at the Pre-Juvenile level and she did great.  She had many
people there to cheer her on.  Our friend Martha came to watch Alex along with her Dad, Linda,
Leanne, her Mama, Aunt Mary and cousins Stephanie and Logan.  And of course, her mom watched
nervously as always.  Alex's presentation was above anything we have ever seen from her.  We are
so excited and proud of her that we even cried with joy.  Keep up the great work.  Tomorrow Alex
will test in Saratoga, and we are hoping for another wonderful day.

11/15/16     Alexandria passed all her Pre-Bronze Dance Tests on November 6th, and now there are
only four more days until competition and Alex is excited.  She can't wait to go to the Penguin with
Erika.  Alex has been away from Lake Placid for what seems like forever.  Stars on Ice are practicing
at the Olympic Center so we have been unable to get on the ice.  We are hoping that Alex will be
able to start fresh the second week of December.  Her schedule is so full.  She competes Saturday,
and on Sunday she takes two tests.  Next it is Thanksgiving, and then the following weekend she
competes again.  Busy, busy, busy.  

11/1/16    Yesterday Alexandria landed many beautiful double flips.  Kudos to Alexandria.  For
doubles, she now has to concentrate on landing her double toe loop consistently, and mastering
her double lutz, which is very close, then it is onto her last double - the double axel.  Keep up the
great work Alex.  

10/25/16    Alex will be taking her three Pre-Bronze Dance tests on November 6th, and will be
competing on November 19th in Springfield, MA.  Good Luck Alex!

10/08/16     Alexandria is landing her axel, double salchow, and double loop beautifully and
consistently.  Her layback is elegant and mature.  She is very close on all her other doubles (except
the double axel).    

As a way to earn extra money to help her mom pay for skating, she has started working for her
grandfather.  She dusts, vacuums, washes the windows, etc., and earns $5.00 an hour.  
Unfortunately, because she is on the ice so often, she can only work about 5 hours a week.  Her
mom has assured her that "every little bit helps."

Also, here is a message that Alexandria's mom came home from work and heard on the answering
machine.  It was left by Alexandria's teacher at Algonquin Middle School.

Alexandria will next compete on November 19th at the Pioneer Valley Penguin Invitational.  Also
during the month of November Alex is scheduled to take her Pre-Bronze Level Dance Tests, her Pre-
Juvenile Moves in the Field test, and her Pre-Juvenile Free Skate Test.  Good Luck Alex!
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"Hello this is Mrs. Anthony at Algonquin.
I am just calling to let you know what a wonderful girl Alex is and what a
great job she did working last week at Five Rivers.  She just pitched in,
did her job, and did not complain and really, really worked hard.  I was
just so proud of her and I just wanted to pass that along.
Have a nice day!"