Below is a list of my favorite things, and a few fun fact about
myself.  I hope you enjoy...

Full Name:    Alexandria Princessia Southard

DOB:    February 6, 1994

Age:    Eleven

Height:    Five Feet Zero Inches

School:    Algonquin Middle School

Grade:    Sixth

Favorite Subject:    Social Studies/History

Favorite Colors:    Pink, Blue, and  Purple

Favorite Foods:   My mom's homemade Shrimp and Broccoli Alfredo, Cheesecake, and
Baked Chicken with Salsa on top

Favorite Movies:   The Cutting Edge, Clueless, and Watchers in the Woods

Favorite Possessions:    My Skates, and my First Diamond Ring that my Mom and David       
gave me.  It is a tiny diamond but I love it.

Favorite Female Singers:    Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson

Favorite Male Singers:    Tim McGraw and Toby Keith

Favorite Group/Bands:    No Doubt and Offspring

Favorite TV Shows:    Simple Life, 90210 (reruns), and Big Brother

Best Buddies:   Marionna, Megan B., Rebecca, Meghan H., and Bria

Favorite Stores:    Abercrombie, Limited Too, and Gap

Favorite Jump:    Double Salchow

Favorite Spins:    Sit Spin and Layback

Favorite Female Skater:    Jenny Kirk and Kristi Yamaguchi

Favorite Male Skater:    Timothy Goebel and Scott Hamilton

Favorite Competition and Why:    2003 Rochester Fall Skate because I fell while on my
practice ice and hit my head.  It hurt badly but I decided to compete and not give up.  I came in
1st.  It is also a special memory because it was my first USFS competition, and so many of my
family members were there to support me.   


These are a few of my favorite things...