They simply "clicked" and work very well together.  Once Alex started
working with Erika, she knew right away that she had found the missing
piece to her puzzle.  Now her puzzle is complete!

While Erika coaches Alex locally, she communicates with Gilberto,
Michela, Linda, and Beata in order to maximize Alexandria's training.

Besides coaching, Erika has a degree in nursing.  
European, World & Olympic Competitor & Coach

4 time Italian National Champion

ISU Technical Specialist
Alexandria began working with Gilberto over the summer and decided that
she wanted him to be her "main" coach.  Since the beginning of
September 2005, we have been traveling to Lake Placid twice a week so
they can continue to strengthen their coach/skater relationship.
We are excited to see what they do together, we are hopeful it will be great.
European, World & Olympic Choreographer

Graduate of the National Italian
Academy of Dance and
at "Theater of Scala" di Milano
Over the summer, Michela was Alexandria's ballet
teacher and choreographed a program, "Just a Girl," for
Alex to skate to in the Lake Placid Ice Show.  Alex loved
the program Michela developed and was delighted when
Michela agreed to be her new choreograher.  
Alexandria's artistic side has matured 100% since
working with Michela.  Thanks Michela!
We love Beata!  In the 8 months that Alex has been
working with Beata, Alex has developed a beautiful line,
and wonderful expression on the ice.  Beata's coaching
technique allows her students to love what they are doing.
 Not only is she helping Alexandria develop into a
confident skater, but into a confident young lady.

Also, Alexandria would like to thank
Charles Sinek, 2002 Olympian,
for being such a wonderful test partner and for sharing so
much of his ice dancing knowledge with her.
2002 United States, Salt Lake City Olympian

Mon-Thu, for five weeks this past summer, Alex
was fortunate to have been coached by Evelyn
Kramer in LP.  She can't wait to do it again next
year.  Thanks Evelyn!
PSA Master Rated World and Olympic Coach
Spin Doctor™ Spin Technique