Today the Capital Communications Federal Credit Union started the "A SKATER'S DREAM FUND" to help with the enormous
costs associated with my skating.  Please see my SPONSORSHIP page to see how you can help "A SKATER'S DREAM".  
Thank you!  (12/8/05)

Today Alex landed her double salchow, double loop, double toe-loop, double flip and double lutz.  The last three have been so
close and today she did it.  This is a happy day.  Alex will test her Juvenile Moves and Juvenile Freeskate on January 15th.  We
know she will do great. (12/6/05)

Another exciting weekend!  Alexandria placed 1st out of the 7 skaters in her pre-juvenile group at Skaneateles.  Alex received
1st place across the boards from all five judges.  Yippy!  She landed all the doubles in her program except her double-flip, which
she stepped out of.  Even the double flip was really close though.  I am so proud on Alexandria.  Also, thanks Erika, your great
coaching is to be commended.

"Alexandria is a joy to teach. The huge strides she continuously makes in her skating are testaments
to her remarkable work ethic, self-discipline, and eagerness to excel.  The athleticism and artistry
she brings to the ice will captivate all eyes, and her glowing enthusiasm, dedication, and integrit
are the winning virtues that will captivate all hearts."
- Beata Handra
"A SKATER'S DREAM" A very generous and supportive sponsor who has helped made
my dream become a reality. Thank you so much!!  

Mama (Grandmother) for so much more than I could begin to list.  You believe in me
and give me such strength.  

Aunt Pam Sherman and Aunt Nancy Rosekrans, for there financial assistance and
for spending time with me in Lake Placid so I could skate while my mom worked.

Nanny and Grandpa McCullough thank you so much for your financial support, which
was used towards my ice time.  I love you both so much.  It was a great help and I am so
appreciative.  Thank you!

The Relyea's for traveling to Lake Placid to watch me train.  I enjoyed spending the day
with you.  I felt like a "star".  Also, thank you for you financial assistance which was used
towards the purchase of my new dress.  Pictures will be coming soon.  Thanks so much.

Ms. Mary Bol of Castleton, New York.  Thank you for thinking of me!  Your monetary
gift was greatly appreciated.  You made me feel so special.

Cousin, Lena, for letting my mom, aunt, brother and myself stay at her home in
Elizabethtown while I trained in Lake Placid.  I would have never been able to attend
summer camp if she had not been so giving.

Ms. Kristina Kwacz, Alexandria's "Manager".  Thank you for all the time you donate to
me.  I know how much you help my mom organize everything associated with my skating,
from public appearances to fundraising ideas.  You are "priceless".
If you have any questions concerning Alexandria or this website, please e-mail:
Thank you for your interest!

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